CBD oil made with full-spectrum hemp extract and MCT
1000 mg CBD oil made with full-spectrum hemp extract and MCT
500 mg CBD tincture made with organic full spectrum hemp extract
1000mg CBD tincture made with full-spectrum hemp extract. May provide relief with sleep, pain, and anxiety.

Fusion Oil: CBD tincture made with full-spectrum hemp extract

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This unique CBD oil is simply MCT coconut oil Nano-infused with a full-spectrum extract made from our own USDA Certified Organic Hemp grown in the high desert foothills of the Northern Sierras. 

Same 1000mg CBD per fluid ounce strength, offered in 0.5 and 1 fluid ounce dropper bottles.

  • Grown and processed in Nevada, USA
  • NOT made from imported CBD isolate
  • Full-Spectrum tincture complete with beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Organic MCT coconut oil infused with our solvent-less CO2 hemp extract
  • No heavy metals, chemical fertilizers, or pesticides. Just hemp
  • Tested by an independent lab for safety and potency.

Hard Work Pays Off: Many CBD products on the market are made with cheap isolate or extracts stripped from the plant with harsh solvents. What you miss out on by using isolates are the hundreds of additional phytocannabinoids and terpenes that are produced by the hemp flower. What makes Sierra Nevada Hemp Company's CBD oil different? We make it the hard way: With carefully sourced seed planted in greenhouses in early spring long before the last frost, followed by 8 months of daily hard work, pouring over 30 years of experience in organic agriculture into producing the best hemp crop possible. From seed to harvest we don't use any chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. After harvest we are just as thorough: The hemp extract for Fusion Oil is produced with supercritical CO2 that safely removes the cannabinoids and terpenes from the flower without harsh chemical solvents.  In the case of our Wholly Oil we infuse the hemp flowers directly into coconut oil.

Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT): Also known as fractionated coconut oil, MCT is made up of Caprylic acid, Capric acid, and Lauric acid all distilled from organic coconut oil.  MCT stays liquid, has a light taste and feel, and is an excellent carrier oil for hemp extract. The saturated fat of MCT dissolves the hemp extract and allows it to be taken up by your cells more easily, increasing the CBD's bio-availability.

Nano-Infusion: We don't just add the hemp extract to the MCT and stir; We use ultrasonic waves to homogenize our oil. The ultrasound works by sending a fast sound wave through the mixture to create tiny bubbles. The next wave explodes the bubbles. These small explosions are so intense that the extract gets broken up into nano-scale clusters of molecules that can more easily attach themselves to a fat molecule. This allows the CBD to be delivered to your cells more effectively.

While the FDA has approved a synthetic CBD drug as a treatment for some forms of epilepsy, CBD has not been approved for anything else. However, many of our customers report finding relief for issues involving pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness. If you would like to explore if CBD may provide a benefit for you,  we recommend being your own wellness advocate, doing your own research, and starting slow with small doses before working your way up. Our half ounce bottle is an excellent choice for those looking to try out CBD for the first time. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Ingredients:  MCT Coconut Oil, Hemp Flower Extract.

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