High Quality CBD From High Altitude Organic Hemp

How do we know our customers are getting the highest quality CBD available?

We Grow it!

Our raw hemp and full spectrum CBD products are made with our own USDA certified organic hemp and are USDA compliant. That means they contain less than .3% THC. We provide third party Certificate of Analysis, including CBD content, total cannabinoids and terpene profile.

Does it get any better than that?

Well, yes, it actually does.




Do you know where your CBD comes from?

Planted closer to the sun in the High Sierra, our hemp absorbs warm bright sunshine during the day, followed by cool crisp Lake Tahoe winds at night.
Building up tolerance to these radical temperature shifts gives our hemp flowers better color, flavor, and terpenes - and quality that can't be beat.

One taste and you'll know what high altitude certified organic whole flower is all about.


Everything we learned growing hemp

The weather here in Northern Nevada is perfect for a hemp crop production. And to our good fortune, hemp not only loves it here, but our high desert climate provides a perfect climate for coaxing high CBD resin out of the soil and into flowers. High elevation sunshine and cold fall nights are a perfect combination for ripening dense resinous flowers.
Starting certified hemp seed, our seedlings are kept in a controlled greenhouse environment until big enough to be transplanted directly into the ground to finish their grow cycle.  We feed our plants with only top quality organic fertilizers, so our customers get the purest, highest quality product possible.​


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